Hi guys, how’s it going?

Are you planning your wedding? If you are the bride I’m pretty sure you’re looking for makeup inspirations. Then this post is for you!

When a bride contact me to do her big day makeup I feel so special and thankful because I know how important this day is for each woman, at the moment we decide to work together we start a relationship. My main goal is do everything I can to make that woman the more beautiful and happiest person in the world. My job is more than just go there and do what I know. My job is to understand who’s my client so I make some questions like: What does she want as makeup? What is her personality? Is she a romantic? Modern? Vintage? Is she a super classic girl? etc. All these questions need to be answered in order to know my client and do my best.

So, if you’re looking for a makeup artist, let she or he know you, feel free to express what you really want, sometimes sharing some inspirations can help you find the best look for you, trust on the makeup artist’s opinion that you hired, sometimes the look you loved in someone is not the best for you either by skin tone, face shape or even age, then remember: your makeup artist wants you to feel the prettiest woman in the world and, together, you can find how to achieve that.

Now, I want to share with you some brides I had the pleasure do their makeup. Each one with her own beauty and personality and this is amazing for us makeup artists. Thank you my beautiful brides, you made me really happy in being part of your so special day.

I hope you enjoy!



Photo by: Fabricia Rocha PhotoArt


Photo by: Nebula Photography


Photo by: Fulvio Tarifa Toniato